The Castle Wine Cellars

The Wine Cellars at Ashford Castle offer private wine tastings and wonderful wine dinners in the secret passageways of the castle, which were unearthed during recent renovations. The old servants' entrance was originally a coal bunker and walkway underneath the castle, where the servants used to come in and get their coal buckets to take up to the rooms. It has now been transformed and the 16th Century tunnels provide three unique private spaces with a cosy ambience and soft lighting. A Coravin system is used allowing some of the world’s most exclusive wines to be sampled without having to take the cork out. This keeps the wine fresh, preserving this for weeks and allows the last glass to taste the same as the first.

The extensive wine list has been carefully curated by our knowledgeable Head Sommelier, where you can sample a fine selection of vintages and a choice of new and old world wines in a remarkable setting. Food pairing can be provided alongside the tastings, to complement the wine selection, as well entertaining with an intimate private dinner, perfect to celebrate all occasions and providing a unique dining experience.

Opening hours

3pm every day
(45 minutes - 1 hour duration)

Telephone: +353 94 954 6003


White and red Varietal tasting

Ashford iconic white with 2012 Corton-Charlemagne André

Ashford Castle premier red tasting with 2000 Mouton-Rothschild